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Aircraft Model: RV-3 (Vanguard Squadron)
Aircraft Type: Aerobatic
Fly During Show: Yes
Display Open To Public: No
Web Site: www.ethanolairshows.com
RV-3 Vanguard Squadron

Ethanol is taking flight as America's premiere renewable fuel. The Vanguard Squadron flies a dazzling four ship formation aerobatic airshow powered by ethanol. The Vanguard Squadron has been ethanol powered since the team began flying together in 1993. Ethanol adds power and performance to the Squadron's aircraft without any major engine modifications. The team has over 3,000 flight hours using 100% ethanol. The Squadron shares their love for flying and raising ethanol awareness by flying airshows across the country. The Vanguards are available for fly-bys for events such as ethanol plant openings, parades and ground breaking ceremonies. The Squadron flies 10-15 airshow events each year. Flying across the country promoting ethanol as the fuel for the future has introduced the Squadron to many people interested in aviation and alternative fuel solutions.

Top Speed: 207 mph
Cruise [75% @ 8000']: 196 mph
Stall Speed: 51 mph

Ground Performance:
Takeoff Distance: 300 ft
Landing Distance: 350 ft

Rate of Climb: 2,050 fpm
Ceiling: 23,500 ft

Range [75% @ 8000']: 595 sm

External Dimensions:
Span: 19 ft 11 in
Length: 19 ft
Height: 5 ft
Wing Area: 90 sq ft

Empty Weight: 690 lbs
Gross Weight: 1050 lbs

Wing Loading: 11.67 lb/sq ft
Power Loading: 6.56 lb/hp

Power Plant / Systems:
Engine: 160+ hp

Propeller: Fixed

Fuel Capacity: 30 US gal

Information and Photo courtesy of the Vanguard Squadron

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