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Display: NASA Space Displays
Organization: NASA
Display Location: Large Hangar
Website: www.nasa.gov

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will be on hand at the Airpower Over the Midwest Airshow at Scott Air Force Base. They will be displaying several items including the International Space Station (ISS) Model, pictured above, which is displayed in its latest configuration. The model is displayed on the image of a football field to show its enormous size. The following exhibits will be on display as well:

• International Space Station (ISS) fabric pop-up showing an image of the ISS in space and images of various experiments and activities that take place aboard the ISS.

NASA Display

• Space Shuttle fabric pop-up showing the Space Shuttle during a launch from the Kennedy Space Center and some associated images.

Space Shuttle Pop Up

• "Picture Yourself in Space" Photo Booth is one of the most popular exhibits in the NASA display.  Photos will be taken of the guest and their facial image superimposed into a NASA photo, typically as an Astronaut in Space.  The souvenir photo is provided immediately to the guest for FREE.

Picture Yourself in Space

• A Space Shuttle landing and nose gear tire will be on display; they are from an ACTUAL shuttle mission.

NASA Shuttle Tires

• Solar System Scale that shows a person’s “Earth” weight and then shows what that person would weigh if they were on Mars and what they would weigh if they were on the Moon. The Solar System Scale shows how weight is affected by the difference of gravity on Earth, Mars, and the Moon.

NASA Scale

. • A 25 foot tall Inflatable Space Shuttle which is 1/6 the scale of the actual space shuttle.

NASA Shuttle Blowup

• An Information Booth will be staffed by NASA personnel to assist all guests and provide information about NASA while providing assistance with the exhibits on display

Information and photos courtesy of NASA

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