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Aircraft Model: Challenger 601
Aircraft Type: FAA Flight Check Aircraft
Fly During Show: No
Display Open To Public: Yes
Web Site: www.faa.gov
Challenger 601

Flight Inspection Operations Group

Flight Inspection Operations Group are headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center. There are six flight inspection field offices, located throughout the continental United States, and one in Anchorage, Alaska. International Operations are conducted from Oklahoma City. From this location, we respond to worldwide request from international customers. Flight inspection is conducted by a work force of approximately 188 employees. Our pilots and technicians flight inspect more than 5,500 facilities throughout the world, averaging 20,000 flight-hours annually. A flight inspection crew usually includes two airspace system inspection pilots and one flight inspection technician. A fleet of approximately 32 aircraft of 5 different types supports the flight inspection program: Challenger 601, Challenger 604, Challenger 605, Lear 60 and Beechcraft BE-300.

Flight Inspection

Flight Inspection ensures the integrity of instrument approaches and airway procedures that constitute our National Airspace System infrastructure and the FAA's international commitments. We accomplish this through the airborne inspection of all space and ground-based instrument flight procedures and the validation of electronic signals in space that are transmitted from approximately 13,500 various navigation systems. Airborne inspection of navigational aids is a two-part operation, requiring the skills of highly trained flightcrews. The first part is an evaluation of the "signal in space" - the radiation pattern of the navigational aid much like that of a radio station. The second part is to certify the instrument approach procedures that are designed to allow pilots to safely use airport runways in adverse weather.

Challenger 601 Specifications:

FAA Fleet: 3 Challender 601's
Flight Inspection Equipped
1 – Pilot-in-Command
1 – Second-in-Command
1 – Mission Specialist
Maximum Takeoff Weight (pounds): 45,100
Endurance: 3,100 Nautical Miles; 6.5 hours at 41,000 feet
Cruise Airspeed: 459 kts; Mach 0.80
Maximum Altitude: 41,000 feet
Fuel Capacity (gallons): 2,642
Wingspan: 64 feet
Length: 68 feet
Height: 21 feet
Engines: General Electric, CF34-3A1

Photo and information courtesy of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

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