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Aircraft Model: SNV-1
Aircraft Type: Trainer
Fly During Show: No
Display Open To Public: Yes
Web Site:
This SNV-1 aircraft, serial number 12614, was built in Downey California on Sept 10 1942. It was one of 1350 SNV-1 types accepted by the US Navy for use as a scouting trainer. Pilots learned instrument flying, aerobatics, formation tactics, radio navigation and aerial gunnery. The aircrafr was based at NAS Pensacola FL for most of WWII, but finished out the war in NAS Corpus Christi TX. Restored as the aircraft would have looked in 1943, it is one of only 4 actual SNV-1 still in flying condition. After the war this aircraft was sold for $600 and was used as an AG sprayer.
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