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Display: Military Living History Reenactors
Organization: 2nd Ranger Battalion-St. Louis
Display Location: Outside the Large Hangar
2nd Ranger Battalion-St. Louis

The US 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion, Inc. are a 501(c)3. Not-For-Profit WWII re-enactment unit that is dedicated to preserving the military history of the United States by displaying WWII-era uniforms, equipment, and vehicles for public view. They travel to public events, stage mock battles, and assist in preserving military history.

They portray D Company of the U.S. 2nd Ranger Battalion because of the courageous sacrifices these men made during WWII and the Rangers link to the birth of modern U.S. Special Forces. They do not have any actual affiliation with the current U.S. Army Rangers. However as a living history re-enacting unit they hold themselves to the highest personal standards of safety and authenticity in our portrayal of U.S. military personnel. They currently have 40 members from around the St. Louis Missouri area on our active duty list.

The Rangers are a not for profit group of historians and living history enthusiasts whose purpose is to educate the public on and preserve the history of the Second World War. They do this by respectfully portraying World War II soldiers during battle reenactments, living history events, educational displays, and by collecting and preserving memorabilia of the era. The unit provides for its members a means to do this, thereby keeping alive the history of all nations who fought for freedom. They will endeavor to seek greater authenticity in the presentation of our activities. We shall strive to foster greater interest in the history of the Second World War, and particularly Ranger history, by educating the general public through active public relations. They honor all veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

Photo and information courtesy of the 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion, Inc.

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