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Aircraft Model: P-51D
Aircraft Type: Fighter (Warbird)
Fly During Show: Yes
Display Open To Public: No
Web Site: www.acc.af.mil/aerialevents/heritageflight/index.asp


The P-51 was designed as the NA-73 in 1940 at Britain's request. The design showed promise, and AAF purchases of Allison-powered Mustangs began in 1941, primarily for photo recon and ground support use due to its limited high-altitude performance. But in 1942, tests of P-51s using the British Rolls-Royce "Merlin" engine revealed much improved speed and service ceiling, and in December 1943 Merlin-powered P-51Bs first entered combat over Europe. Providing high-altitude escort to B-17s and B-24s, they scored heavily over German interceptors, and by war's end, P-51s had destroyed 4,950 enemy aircraft in the air, more than any other fighter in Europe.

Mustangs served in nearly every combat zone, including the Pacific where they escorted B-29s to Japan from Iwo Jima. Between 1941 and 1945, the AAF ordered 14,855 Mustangs (including A-36A dive bomber and F-6 photo recon versions), of which 7,956 were P-51Ds. During the Korean War, P-51Ds were used primarily for close support of ground forces until withdrawn from combat in 1953.

The National Museum of the United States Air Force has a P-51D on display in its Air Power Gallery.

Type Number built/ converted Remarks XP-51 2 Model NA-73; developed for UK P-51 150 Prod. model; four 20mm cannon P-51A 310 Fitted with bomb racks; four .50-cal. mgs. XP-51B 2 (cv) Improved P-51; was XP-78 P-51B-NA 1,988 Prod. model; Blocks 1-15; Inglewood P-51C-NT 1,750 Dallas plant; Blocks 1-11 P-51D-NA 6,502 Bubble canopy; Blocks 1-30 P-51D-NT 1,454 Blocks 5-30; six .50-cal. mgs. TP-51D-NT 10 Two-place trainer variant P-51E 0 Designation not assigned XP-51F 3 Exp. lt. weight test model XP-51G 2 Modified XP-51F with new engine P-51H-NA 555 Prod. model; Blocks 1-10 XP-51J 2 Modified XP-51F with new engine P-51K-NT 1,337 Improved D; Aeroprop; Blocks 1-15 P-51L-NA 1 Improved H with new engine P-51M-NT 1 Improved H with new engine

SPECIFICATIONS (P-51D): Span: 37 ft. 0 in. Length: 32 ft. 3 in. Height: 13 ft. 8 in. Weight: 12,100 lbs. maximum Armament: Six .50-cal. machine guns and 10 5-in. rockets or 2,000 lbs. of bombs Engine: Packard-built Rolls-Royce "Merlin" V-1650 of 1,695 hp Cost: $54,000

PERFORMANCE: Maximum speed: 437 mph Cruising speed: 275 mph Range: 1,000 miles Service ceiling: 41,900 ft.


Vlado Lenoch is Airline Transport Rated in the B-727. He is a flight instructor in single and multi engine aircraft, as well as in gliders. He has a Letter of Authorization for the L-39, T-33, and all types of high performance single and multiengine piston powered aircraft.

He has over 8000 hours of total time.

He learned to fly in 1970 at Chicago Midway Airport in the Cessna 150.

He earned a Master's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mr. Lenoch is a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association, the Confederate Air Force, and the International Aerobatic Club.

Mr. Lenoch's great uncle, Cvitan Galic, was a 36 victory Luftwaffe Fighter Ace.

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