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Display: Halvorsen 25K Loader
Organization: U. S. Air Force
Display Location: Large Hangar
Website: www.af.mil
Halvorsen 25K Loader


The Halvorsen Loader is a rapidly deployable, high-reach mechanized aircraft loader that can transport and lift up to 25,000 pounds of cargo onto military and civilian aircraft.

The loader is highly mobile and can transport a full load of cargo at a maximum speed of 17 mph. Its versatile deck elevates from 39 inches to 18 feet, 4 inches and employs a powered conveyer system to move cargo. The deck has pitch, roll, and side-to-side adjustment for quick, efficient interface with all military and commercial cargo aircraft, including the B-747, L-1011, and DC-10. The loader has a 100-inch wheel-to-wheel width for loading/unloading and transport operations. The loader is easily configured from operational to transport mode, which reduces the width from 170 inches to 109 inches. The chassis is also hydraulically adjustable to facilitate driving the loader on or off the C-130, C-141, C-5, or C-17 for air transport. The FMC Halvorsen Loader is a versatile, durable vehicle with unmatched performance.

The loader was christened June 19, 2001, the "Halvorsen" after retired Col. Gail S. Halvorsen, the "Candy Bomber" of Berlin Airlift fame. The first two of more thanĀ 538 loaders scheduled for production were unveiled at Dover Air Force Base, Del., during the christening ceremony. The Halvorsen loaders have replaced the older 25,000 loaders and the wide body elevator loaders. The old 25,000 pound loader could only be raised to a height of 13 feet, not able to support most commercial airplanes.

General Characteristics
Weight (unloaded): 31,350 lbs.
Width (operation): 170 in.
Width (air transport): 109 in.
Length: 29.5 ft.
Deck Height, (variable): 39 inches to 18 ft. 4 in.
Maximum Speed (loaded): 17 mph
Maximum Payload: 25,000 lbs.
Turning Diameter: 50 ft.

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