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Display: Experimental Light Sport Powered Parachutes
Organization: Southern IL Powered Parachute Flying Club
Display Location: Large Hangar
Website: www.poweredparachutes.org
Southern IL Powered Parachute Flying Club

Most Powered Parachutes are either Light Sport aircraft or Part 103 ultralights.  They are known for flying low and slow and are probably the simplest aircraft to learn to fly.  They are inherently stable machines in the air, but are limited to very calm conditions.  For this reason, most PPC pilot's take advantage of early morning or late evening flights when winds are usually low and there is less thermal activity.

Powered Parachutes are relatively affordable compared to General Aviation aircraft.  One can find a used machine for less than $10,000 and a new one for less than your average new Harley Davidson. PPC's are not very practical for long cross-country flights, but for site-seeing and just enjoying the beauty of flight, there is nothing better!

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