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Display: 101st Airborne Division Support
Organization: 19th Air Support Operations Squadron
Display Location: Large Hangar
Misc: On display with laser designators and Humvee's
Website: www.af.mil
19th ASOS

The 19th Air Support Operations Squadron advises and assists the 101st Airborne Division (AASLT) with all matters pertaining to fixed wing Close Air Support (CAS).  Joint Terminal Attack Controllers, or JTACs, and Radio Operators, Maintainers, and Drivers, or ROMADs, accompany Army units on combat missions and provide real-time control of aircraft striking enemy targets.  JTACs and ROMADs (together called “TACPs”) provide a key link for fighter and bomber pilots during combat; TACPs maintain high situational awareness of the battlefield and help the ground commander determine which targets are best suited for weapons employed by aircraft.  After selecting targets, the JTAC and ROMAD will work together to ensure friendly troops and civilians are protected from airborne weapons.  Then, the TACP will direct pilots’ actions to achieve optimal results from the air strike.

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