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This website was built and maintained by the Scott Field Heritage Air Park Committee to provide airshow attendees additional aircraft and sponsor information not available on the official airshow website. This year the Air Park Committee is not involved in the planning for the 2017 airshow, so we will not have any information on this website for the 2017 airshow. Please visit the 375th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Airshow page for information on the 2017 airshow and Thank You for visting our website.


We have posted the websites from the previous years for those of you who may want to see the aircraft and displays that were here the previous airshows. Please use the links above to access the 2006-2012 airshow pages. When you click on a link a new tab/window will open for that year. The information in those pages ONLY pertained to the airshows for that year that you are looking at.


Thank you for your support over the previous years!